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V-Reader Animated E-Book System Fun Educational Gift That Helps Develop Your Child Reading Skills

If you are looking for a gift that you can give to a child, you should consider buying a V-Reader Animated E-Book System. This educational toy helps your child develop his reading skills. He can read and listen to the words using this animated book reader. This will turn your child from a beginner to a fluent reader. This is a very modern approach to teaching your kids how to read. It is fun, engaging, and educational-just what every parent wants to buy for their little ones.

But before you purchase a V-Reader Animated E-Book System, you should first know some useful information and details that will help you decide whether you really want one for your child. The information below will come in handy when it is time for you to go shopping for your children’s gifts this coming Christmas or on their birthday.

· The V-Reader System allows you to watch and listen to animated stories with narration, graphics, voices for the characters, and background music and sound effects. This is like reading a book and watching TV at the same time. This is very fun and exciting for children because it helps them learn how to read books while enjoying at the same time.

· You can buy different cartridges for different stories. You can choose classical stories like fairy tales to contemporary children’s stories like Toy Story, Dora the Explorer, Thomas the Train, and Mickey Mouse stories. The cartridges are available separately and you can buy them for about $20 each, though there is a free cartridge when you buy the V-reader. The V-Reader Animated E-Book System costs about $54 to $60 dollars.

· It also has a pen that allows the child to point to or touch the words that he is having difficulty with. When the pen touches the word, the reader will repeat the word so that the child can hear how it should be read. The V-reader has a slot for the pen but the pen has no strings attached to the reader. You have to find a way to prevent the pen from getting lost.

· The V-Reader Animated E-Book System is suitable for kids aged three to seven. You can buy cartridges that are appropriate for your children’s reading skills. Make sure that you choose something appropriate for your child’s age. You do not want your child to get bored reading something too easy or get frustrated reading something too difficult.

The Added Advantage In African American Children Education – Computer Homeschooling (Part 2)

We’ve got spirit, yes we do! We’ve got spirit how ’bout you!

We left our parents and friends in our last article discussing the commitment it takes to homeschool African American children. In part 2 of 4 we will discuss finding resources to make sure that African American parents commitment to their children’s education is not hampered because of anything easily available.

First we have to thank all our loyal readers and visitors, without your support the countless hours of being marathoned by the thought police to put this onto a page would not have been so worth it.

Finishing the subject line of commitment we need African American parents considering computer homeschooling to have very real and concrete reasons for homeschooling because it takes wisdom as testified by King Solomon in the Book of Proverbs to teach an African American child. Possible reasons, and due to time and space we will go over a few, could be a African American child who cannot not keep up academically. A child unable to deal in the social setting of the school, gifted children who are too advanced for the schools available, public or private school curriculum that is unsuitable and violence in schools are also reasons to make the commitment to homeschool.

Due to violence, drugs, teen pregnancy, predatory teachers and other distractions or social hurdles in public and private schools many parents have been taking their children home and homeschooling them. I am going to let you in on a little secret, both my African American parents were public school teachers in high school and middle school. I share that secret with you so that no one will believe that I am against public or private school education, I’m just for homeschool education. Some of our country’s greatest leaders were homeschooled, including several presidents. If your reason for homeschooling your children is as strong as your conviction then you could be teaching the next president of the United States, the next Booker T. Washington or even another Colin Powell.

Now, some of the resources you need to focus on: curriculum, books, events, and patience. Curriculum should be researched thoroughly as each African American child is different and should not be taught the cookie cutter way that out of home schools use. They also can be found on the Internet for the best price of free to the reasonable prices of from $10 to $75 using search engines, or other homeschooling sites. The books you need on each subject to be taught to your African American scholars don’t have to be new, just good educational material. These books also can be bought on the Internet, I am a great fan of shopping online due to the fact that it saves on gas and time to find what you are looking for each and every time. Events for homeschooling your African American children are equally important as it exposes your children to different people. cultures. ideas and helps in creating a well-rounded individual. Events can be found online through several sources including newsgroups, search engines, and electronic newsletters. Now patience cannot be found online, at least not any that can make a homeschool an environment for learning. Learning at home should not be like learning outside the home, it should be fun and interesting. So use patience in teaching your children as they are having to relearn how to teach themselves.

The use of computers in homeschooling your children should be a great reality for you now and if not I have much more to share. I have run out of space and will continue sharing the rest of our knowledge odyssey in the 3rd and 4th articles. Some of the resources will be made available on our web site and you are welcome to forward questions to be answered in a timely manner. Thank you for your time and patience.

Remember this subject is worthy of more than just one article and therefore will be covered in a 4 part series. To receive notification of the publication of the rest of the series email us at [email protected] or if you have an RSS reader click on this link –

For those who are ready can view part 3 and review part 1 to keep this required effort on bridging the digital divide alive.

Members of our staff support African American computer homeschooling in their area and we have a slight favor to see computer homeschooling everywhere benefit from the advantages of a wireless network. We even have minority friends that work at major retailers in several states that are homeschooled and already have experienced having a wireless home.

If You Are A Parent, You Must Check Out Audio Books For Children

Audio books for children, or books on tape as they were called when I was a kid, are gaining in popularity for good reason. While many people think that this form of receiving information is inferior to reading, however to the contrary there are many benefits to using this kind of literature for kids. Let me share with you a few reasons that you may want to consider audio books for children.

One good point is that audio books also provide excitement that helps to expand a child’s imagination and enhance their listening skills something that television and video games simply cannot do, this does not mean reading should be substituted or replaced in any way. However, books on cd are some great resources for encouraging young kids to become avid readers. These motivating devices are wonderful vehicles for introducing kids to the world of action, adventure and learning.

Kids are motivated to read after listening to audio books. The experience is very encouraging and once kids begin taking in the stories, they simply want more. These kinds of auditory books serve to entertain and encourage children to pick up an actual book.

Listening skills are fundamental as well. Many of us know the usefulness of being a good listener and even more of us know how difficult it is to develop this skill. Audio books for children serve as great listening activities for young ones. They develop attention span and they are able to retain information that they hear through the kids’ audio books.

Not only do the audio books for children serve as motivational tools that help develop listening skills, they also work to help parents as well. One parent said “Now that I have discovered books on cd for my children, I know that even if I miss one night of story time, my kids will still have someone to read to them.”

We have all experienced long trips to vacation spots that are miles and miles away from home. Passing the time in the vehicle is a real challenge without some form of entertainment. However, purchasing a few hours worth of audio books for your children you can rest assured they will be occupied for many hours.

While many would like to see their kids reading a book during the trip, there are those who know that this isn’t a possibility. Some children get motion sickness when trying to read in a moving vehicle. Audio books for children are wonderful tools for educating and entertaining the kids while on the move.

Watching movies is a typical pastime that some families use while on long trips. Not everyone can afford portable or built-in DVD players. Also, the problem with motion sickness can apply to watching a program while in a moving vehicle. Audio books for children are ideal for any long car trip.

With all of the benefits of this relatively inexpensive activity, there is little wonder why audio books for children are gaining popularity. They serve to educate, inspire and entertain kids. Audio books encourage kids to become good listeners and good readers in the long run.