5 Ways to Make Children Books More Fun

Reading books to children is not just a privilege but an opportunity as well to cultivate a wonderful bond. At times, encouraging kids to read can be difficult especially with the presence of so many distractions like television cartoons and virtual games. Still, you should not lose hope because there are a lot of means in which you can make a book exciting.

Create activity pages related to the book

A child will feel eager to finish a book if he or she knows that a thrilling activity awaits him. The key to creating activity pages is to first read the book and come up with concepts that are relevant to the tale. For example, if the book is about a new chicken in a farm, why not create an activity page wherein a child has to match which animals correspond to the words “oink”, “meow” and “moo”? You may also try creating mazes, puzzle words, and coloring pages. If a child successfully finishes an activity, you can give him a small reward like an ice cream, extra TV time or even a new book of his choice.

Photocopy illustration to make character puppets

With their imaginative minds, kids can truly find joy in playing make-believe games with their toys. It is easy to transform a page character to a tangible toy by simply photocopying the picture of the character and cutting it. After finishing the book, engage your child in a conversation wherein you will talk about the story characters, plot, and moral lesson. Afterwards, let the child choose which character he or she wants to have as a puppet. Other than photocopies, used socks, tissue tubes, construction papers, and strings are useful materials for making creative puppets.

Create decorations related to the book

It is very seldom for a children’s book to have merchandises but you can always come up with your own. You can create lanterns, key chains, makeshift snow globes, pinwheels, posters, and paper arts that will represent the story. Ask your child if he or she wants to join your craft session. Displaying book-related decors is an effective way for a child to remember the stories that touched him.

Re-enact the story as a play

Role playing is a tried-and-tested method of stimulating a child’s creativity. Not only will you make reading more fun but your child will likewise have instant speech training. Allow your child to pick the character he wants to play and instruct him to deliver his lines clearly. For a more realistic “show”, throw in some costumes that are fit for your storybook characters.

Ask questions throughout the story

Reading can be interactive if you will raise questions per page. As you go along the lines of the narrative, don’t hesitate to connect with your child by saying things like, “How many ___ are in this page?”, “Where do you think the character is going?”, and “Do you think what she did is right?” These questions will surely stir the interest of your young reader.

By making note of these ideas, expect that the book will leave a lasting impression in your child’s heart.